My childhood dream was to be an entrepreneur/ author/ evangelist/ motivational speaker/ doctor/ inventor/ designer/ the richest woman alive or married to the richest man alive/musician/ a shape-shifting superhero. Not in this particular order!

These dreams I nursed for years and those who knew me back then knew I was nuts for ideas that can change the world. I was going to be all of these things and more; until reality set in at the age of 18. I had to grow up! I had to stop dreaming of becoming and just BECOME. Today I am an entrepreneur, inventor, author, speaker, and an idea strategist, shape-shifting hero who make SHIFT happens. Maybe one day I can still be the richest woman alive, become an Evangelist and sing around the world. But for now I am relishing in those of my DREAMS that came true. My brand is about helping others LIVE THEIR PURPOSE, helping them MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN, walking them through the journey of DESIGNING THEIR BEST LIFE, and being their IDEA STRATEGIST, PURPOSE COACH. Beyond that I am a MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL and love to speak to a hurting world.
Some of the MILESTONE I have achieved since I started being INTENTIONAL about my dreams include:
• Invented a “HEALTH COMPANION” for pregnant women around the world to help reduce the mortality rate.
• Listed on several online and international magazine for my work
• Launched and started my own business, Eleviv, Vivys, and “Designed Life”
• Incorporated and became CEO of Eleviv Strategy Group.
• Published over 10 books.
Part of what we are launching this year is DESIGNED LIFE ACADEMY, to help women CREATE THEIR DREAM LIFE, BUILD A THRIVING BUSINESS AND BRAND, and BE STRATEGIC ABOUT THEIR PURPOSE. I invite you to learn more and join us on this monumental movement.
I also recommend checking out Designed Life TV. It’s my video series that features inspiration and practical advice for your business + spirit + life + love.
Thanks so much for stopping by my page and learning more about me and what I do for individuals all around the world.


Vivian Elebiyo-Okojie

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Monetize Everything Course

The Monetize Everything is a 4 week program that will teach you my 4 proven principles that I have used for years to start and successfully build businesses. I will walk you through my simple but effective techniques and using my four tenets I follow in life which has always guided my ability to achieve. It is the guiding force behind my successes. The program involves a weekly one on one phone call or Skype meeting, to-do list, resource sharing to radically change your life. The Monetize Everything Course will show you how to stop wasting your gifts and talents and start monetizing them in a cohesive manner.

Created by entrepreneur Vivian Elebiyo, MBA, the Monetize Everything Course is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Turn your ideas to wealth
  • Stop dreaming about doing and start making your dreams come true
  • Make more money
  • Create residual income
  • Feel more confident and motivated to live your dreams
  • Be motivated and inspired to live your passions
  • Find out ways to make more money