With a knack for innovation and invention, Vivian Elebiyo Okojie is a bonafide food, faith, and culture conversationalist. She spends a lot of time researching and creating new products and food recipes.
As a food conversationalist, Vivian creates and starts conversations about food through stories, art, food exhibitions, culinary activities, and experiences.
Her main goal is to help people, regardless of race or class, explore cultural identity through food, and give insights.
She also curates spices and ingredients from around the world to fuse and share culinary delights.

Extraordinary Experiences

On the business side of food, Vivian started in Texas, Vivys, a food and beverage company, and Vivys Eats, a pop food experience. The two companies led to her recent work in the tech industry to provide food technology solutions in Africa.
Her plan is to help expand the understanding of African cuisine. She devotes her time raising her sons, running her companies, sharing her faith, and motivating women and young girls on Designed.life. She also spends time writing about her culinary interest and journey on Foodopology.com, sharing food recipes, planning and conducting food and culinary experiences and exhibitions.

Vivian mentors and coaches food and beverage companies and startups on product designs and creations. She records and shares recipes on God, Love, and Jollof, and her Food Faith weekly on her YouTube channel.
Vivian is passionate and authentic about the innovation and science of food.
She is an entrepreneur with two successful businesses. She is a published author with over 10 books and uses her platform to inspire others to live their best lives and discover purpose. Vivian is a powerful and engaging speaker and has spoken at numerous events including Praire View University, TBN, Department of Health Florida, InnovateHER, HCC, Churches, Schools, several radio stations, and events around the world.

She has appeared in top media outlets like Bloomberg, Business Wire, Inc. Magazine, Impact Africa, Staars of Africa, Phenomenal African Woman Blog, Empowered Magazine, LadyBrielle, Sormag, Mimi Magazine, HCC Biz Connect, and more.