My name is Vivian Elebiyo-Okojie and I make SHIFT happen.

Ever since I can remember I was one that people would always come to for advice and direction. I am able to make impossible tasks seem POSSIBLE. I have been called A SUPER WOMAN by clients or friends who can’t get over how I am able to juggle tasks seamlessly (I humbly take on that title! But I’d rather be called a SUPER SHIFTER).

Last year I embarked on a 21-days FEARLESS journey to find myself, and to take a journey within to help release my mind from every FEAR that held me back for years. This journey unbeknownst to others was a defining moment for me to take my PURPOSE seriously and be INTENTIONAL about the delivery of my BRAND.

So I began to write down what my life’s mission was and how to align that with my PURPOSE. I knew what I wanted to do with my LIFE, I knew that I had a choice to make, either to LIVE LIFE SITTING DOWN or LIVE LIFE LAVISHLY, on my own terms and build the life I wanted without being intimidated by the journey of others but including others on my journey.

Including others on this journey means providing a FORUM for others to share their TRUTH through our DESIGNED LIFE MAGAZINE, PODCAST, and VLOG. It’s about sharing these stories through our various outlets which touch on inspiration, business, spirituality, purpose, love, and more. We will provide more resources for entrepreneurs and others that are downloadable through the site; we would host events and workshops for women around the world. I lead the IDEA CLUB, an incubator for entrepreneurs around the world and direct the show at DESIGNED LIFE ACADEMY.

If you ask my friends or clients, they’ll tell you that I have a feverishly inventive imagination, with an unquenchable curiosity, and I’m an ambitious, out of the box thinker, that is super focused on inspiring others. (They’ll also tell you that I can make a mean bowl of coconut soup and basmati rice)

Welcome to my online HOME, this page and all I do are an extension of my VOICE. I will be using this space to showcase my unending passions and to give advice and insight including purpose fulfillment, business compass, spiritual growth, and in life. I will also fuse in my passion for inspirational pep talks, and strategic planning to help supercharge your mindset. I will help you MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN. I will help you through your BRAND STORY and mentor you through your journey.

I’m particularly passionate about women, purpose, and innovation. And I believe it’s my CALLING to be the GUARDIAN OF DESTINIES.

I navigate my life and business with the HEART to help see others LIVE their PURPOSE.




Next Steps...

Everyone alive has a PURPOSE and a DREAM, most importantly we all have GIFTS. I believe in the power of using your GIFT to make the WORLD better than you met it. It’s more than material possessions, although that is FANTASTIC, your life should count for more than how much you have in your account or how BIG your mansion is. I have been called to make a DIFFERENCE in my own little way, through my daily interactions, and through my businesses. The bottom line is if it doesn’t make a DIFFERENCE, IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. So if I am in your LIFE it means I am there to help GUIDE you to release your GREATNESS, and share your GIFTS with the world. It is to help you FIND and LIVE your PURPOSE.

When I’m not helping people especially women reach their potential and design the lives + businesses of their dreams, I’m cooking and creating recipes, designing textiles, writing, singing in the shower, indulging in my creative expressions, spending time with my adorable family, praying, and simply LIVING.

So if you are reading this and you aren’t bored just yet. It means IT’S TIME TO LIVE. I’m in love with my life and I want you to be, too.

So if you are ready to LIVE FULLY, AND LAVISHLY, to LIVE ON PURPOSE, and to add MEANING TO YOUR LIFE, then you can also follow along on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Pinterest.

It’s time to dance through life! You just met your GUARDIAN, and WE CAN DO THIS!


Vivian Elebiyo-Okojie is an entrepreneur, inventor, author of over 10 books and the Creator of Designed Life. She has been recognized by several magazines and newspapers around the world and has appeared on several TV and radio shows. Vivian is the founder of Eleviv LLC, Obella, and spends her spare time cooking up recipes at Vivys.  Vivian’s purpose is to inspire people to live a fulfilling life and to help others discover purpose. Vivian is a powerful and engaging speaker and has spoken at numerous events including Praire View University, TBN, Department of Health Florida, InnovateHER, HCC, Churches, Schools, several radio stations, and events around the world.

Vivian and her team at Designed Life are focused on transforming lives and businesses around the world through Designed Life Academy and the Idea Club, an incubator for those ready to take on the world.

She has appeared in top media outlets like Bloomberg, Business Wire, Inc. Magazine, Impact Africa, Staars of Africa, Phenomenal African Woman Blog, Empowered Magazine, LadyBrielle, Sormag, Mimi Magazine, HCC Biz Connect, and more.