The most exciting topic that is geared towards those ready for a change. Based on a tried and true SYSTEM created by Vivian Okojie. The SHIFT FORMULA is based on years of bringing ideas to life and creating million dollar innovations.


There are no BAD ideas, just badly executed IDEAS. The speaker would take you through the formulas for coming up with GREAT IDEAS, and provide ideas on branding, protecting, and monetizing your ideas.


There is always that tipping point in anyone's journey. I call that POINT, the VERGE. That is the PURPOSE POINT, the moment that defines WHO YOU TRULY ARE. I would help the audience navigate through their uncharted waters with ease.



  • Empower Series – Dear You, I am sure there are several areas in your life you had like to change. I want to help you. After I lost my job, I decided to focus on my dreams and change my life. You can too! I am here to help you live your dreams, find yourself, discover your power, live victoriously, and become the best version of you that God intended. I have helped women like you transform their relationships, discover their talent, refine their ideas, and find God all in the process. Subscribe to this weekly series that will change your life today.
  • Empowered to do exploits- Vivian’s message on empowerment is an interactive session that will help your audiences young and old to find their purpose and live victoriously.



Bloom is an event where women will be able to share and learn from one another, get nurtured, and be inspired. Here is where you will be able to discover your purpose, love lavishly, and live fully. Every woman should understand her worth,  and find her place.

The Bloom event provides a forum for women just like you to share experiences and renew their spirit. Block out your daily dilemmas for a day and spend some much-needed time with women just like you. It's not about how to do things better…it's connecting with other women, laughing about similar situations and learning a little more about yourself. It is created by women for women, to address our needs and provide tools to excel in life.

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What next?

Vivian Elebiyo-Okojie can customize messages and keynotes based on your event theme.